Domestic Heroes Stills.jpg

Fuso - Video Art Festival
MAAT Museum, Lisbon, PT

HD digital video, colour, sound, 5:27. Variable dimensions.

"A cast of repaired household items go about their domestic adventures of the day"

This work is part of a project done in collaboration with Ismael Leal (1933, PT) where simple everyday objects that brake during LealVeileby’s artistic practice are repaired in Portugal by Ismael. DOMESTIC HEROES comes off as an absurd home video in which the repaired objects take a center role and where the shifted perspective, where we are side characters in our own homes, puts into question our relationship to functionalism and consumerism.

Awarded the Acquisition Award, Fundação EDP/ Museu de Arte Arquitectura e Tecnologia (MAAT), at the Fuso Video Art Festival 2017.