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O Beijo (The Kiss), 2014-17, loop. One wave crushing on to, and receding, from the rock formation known as Boca do Inferno, ad eternum. 9 seconds, looped, from "A sea cave near Lisbon" (1896, Henry Short). A.jpg A_v2.jpg

Passatempos (Pastimes) A.jpg

Views from solo show at Konstfrämjandet,
Konsthall K, Karlstad, 2014

"I cannot live without you. The other 'Boca do Inferno' will get me - it will not be as hot as yours!"

The year is 1930 and the world press reports about Aleister Crowley suicide at Boca do Inferno ("The Mouth of Hell"). The sensationalism gets even bigger when the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa in on of Lisbon's local newspapers describing how he, the evening after the ill-fated day, seen Crowley's ghost.