HIDDEN PLAYGROUND (Timeline), 2012

Chalk on floor, variable dimensions.

12h00m: The Act of Teleportation - preparation
14h01m: The Act of Teleportation - start
14h51m: The Act of Teleportation - end
19h51m: The Horizontal Dream Lift - preparation
21h25m: The Horizontal Dream Lift - start
22h09m: The Horizontal Dream Lift - end
24h39m: The Dream Awareness - preparation
25h55m: The Dream Awareness - start
26h40m: The Dream Awareness - end
26h41m: The Horizontal Dream Lift – activation

40h50m: The Expansion of the Self - preparation
41h57m: The Expansion of the Self – start

68h08m: The Act of Invisibility - preparation
71h25m: The Act of Invisibility - start
72h28m: The Act of Invisibility - end
73h27m: The Horizontal Dream Lift - activation
73h30m: The Dream Memory - start
74h03m: The Dream Memory – end

85h37m: The Expansion of the Senses - preparation
89h31m: The Expansion of the Senses - start
90h36m: The Expansion of the Senses - end
93h37m: The Act of Telekinesis - preparation
94h31m: The Act of Telekinesis - start
95h47m: The Act of Telekinesis – end
96h07m: The Horizontal Dream Lift - activation

110h26m: The Act of Telepathy - preparation
111h10m: The Act of Telepathy - start
111h27m: The Act of Telepathy - end
112h47m: The Act of Flight - preparation
114h05m: The Act of Flight - start
114h54m: The Act of Flight - end
119h55m: Cleansing away all the Acts - performing

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